• Board Memberships
• Governance gap analysis

Training & Coaching

• Employees: compliance awareness training
• Management: coaching in Compliance matters
• Board Members : tailored made training to your Board

Regulatory compliance

• Secondment in Compliance & Management positions • Compliance& internal controls framework • AML-CTF compliant solutions

Why does DS Advisory Services exist ?

Active since 2015 as independent specialised advisory firm in Compliance, our purpose is to guide you in the best approach for your business.  

Financial sector players in Luxembourg (banks, PFS, Investment Fund Managers, and Investment Funds) and professionals (lawyers, chartered accountants, accounting professionals, real estate agents and insurance companies) have trusted us to provide most adapted solutions.

  • Commitment

We are engaged to identify and provide the best response to your preoccupations.

  • Integrity

We guide our clients, directors, managers, and employees on the best ethical compliance approach.

  • Accountability

We take our responsibility when proposing solutions to our clients.

Who am i ?

With over 23 years of regulatory compliance and governance expertise in Luxembourg, I bring experience and innovative thinking to the table. As an entrepreneur and experienced consultant, I have honed my skills to navigate through complex regulatory landscapes and drive impactful outcomes.

Approved by the CSSF for Compliance and Conducting Officer roles, I possess a fit and proper status to serve on boards, offering a comprehensive understanding of compliance frameworks and regulatory requirements. My extensive experience in liaising with regulatory bodies, coupled with a track record of providing training and guidance to boards, equips me to navigate diverse challenges and drive strategic decision-making in governance roles.

Over the past decade, I have led my consulting firm, pivoting strategies to meet evolving industry needs and deliver tailored solutions to clients. From assisting startups in establishing robust compliance frameworks to devising innovative risk assessment methodologies for global distribution initiatives, I have consistently demonstrated a knack for driving value and fostering growth.

Engaged in industry groups such as ILA, ALFI, and LPEA, I remain at the forefront of market trends and best practices, ensuring that my advisory services are informed and impactful.